A downloadable adventure game for Windows and Linux


This is an English remake of the French graphic adventure game 'La Crypte Des Maudits', originally released for the Amstrad CPC in French language only by Lankhor.  

The game can be played in the following palettes (you can switch at any time while in-game): 

  • Amstrad color with 11 palettes
  • Amstrad grey with 1 palette
  • Amstrad green with 1 palette


After stealing the magical book of spells in La Secte Noire, 
the Black Sect has returned to terrorize the population.

They are gathering in a nearby crypt, below the dark rooms of 
the castle of Golin the Gnome, and you have ventured into it.

Find your way to the crypt through the castle filled with passages 
blocked by gates, doors and chests to be opened, buttons to be 
pressed, levers to be pulled, and secret rooms... 

Can you annihilate this evil sect once and for all?

Wait, what? Black Sect 2...?:

The original 1991 version of Black Sect 2, called 'La Crypte Des Maudits' was the successor of the 1990 game 'La Secte Noire', the original 'Black Sect'. Both were done by Lankhor and only released for Amstrad and supported French only.
The better known 1993 version of 'Black Sect' was Lankor's own remake of 'La Secte Noire'.

What people say about the game:

  • I found this game to be of excellent difficulty. Required some thinking to solve puzzles, but there was no feeling of hopelessness, although did come close to that feeling sometimes! Some of these older games would have you lose inventory items or die in random situations, am pleased to say this is not one of those games. Would recommend playing. [Andy]
  • Very nice remake. I like the colour palette and the sounds which are reminiscent of the old Amstrad games. I'm glad you've added mouse support because I don't enjoy typing commands. [lanchong]
  • Seems a true conversion of the Amstrad CPC game and this is a good thing. There are many red herrings and you can get involved in solving the logic puzzles quite heavily. Very nice! [blur]
  • Is It your first game? It's incredibly well made [lucyinthespace]
  • I haven't played a game in this style for many years. the puzzles are very interesting the game is programmed very well. I have not found any bugs [Deneris]


  • Developed by: Brocanty Games
  • Released: 2020
  • Operating system: Windows, Linux
  • Engine: Adventure Game Studio v3.5.0.23
  • Interface: two-button point and click interface 
    • (Left-click: walk/interact, right-click: examine)
  • Resolution: 320x200
  • Graphic modes: 3 
    • mode 1: Amstrad color with 11 palettes
    • mode 2: Amstrad grey with 1 palette
    • mode3 : Amstrad green with 1 palette
  • Color support: 4 colors
  • Number of players: 1
  • Perspective: 1st-person
  • Gameplay: Graphic adventure, Puzzle elements
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Narrative: Detective / mystery
  • Length: Full length game


  • Two-button point and click interface (Left-click: walk/interact, right-click: examine)
  • Animated mouse cursors
  • Much, much more and better action responses
  • Move through game by arrow-keys, WSAD-keys or click the compass rose
  • Unlimited save slots
  • Altered puzzles to suit the point 'n click interface better and to add more logic to some puzzles
  • Player can't die
  • No dead-ends
  • Play in Amstrad color, grey or green modes (can switch mode in-game)
  • Has original amstrad soundfx and intro track


Gameplay video:

(by IndieGamer channel)


BS2TCC_(Windows).zip 7 MB
BS2TCC_(Linux).tar.gz 10 MB

Install instructions


Unzip the game and double-click the file BS2-TCC.exe to run the game or winsetup.exe to change the setup settings of the game.


Unzip the game and use BS2-TCC to start the game


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Evil has been defeated forever! … Or has it? :D That was an enjoyable journey, thanks for the game!

You're welcome, glad you enjoyed the game!

I enjoy your game very much!
I'm stuck at the last (?) puzzle, though...
Where can I find the name the cultist leader asks, or the writing in the north? ^^°
Thanks and stay funky,


Good to see you're enjoying my game!

As for the name of the cultist leader: while in the Crypt, there's a clue in the book (which you seem to have found):

'I found a way to open the door. they asked me my name. I felt my end approaching. but then a writing came to my memory. The one in the north...'" 

The last line refers to a north(ern) room. There are two northern rooms in the game, you'll have to go to the North Room close to the prison. 

There's a book you might want to check...

Good luck!

Ah yeah, thanks! Got it :)
Thanks for the game, it was a lot of fun!
And good luck for your next game(s).
Stay funky,

You have some nice games yourself too, i noticed 🙂.

XD Thank you ;)

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Game finished. My advice to all players: check every elements on screen. Even smallest one.

(1 edit)

Heh, I am stucked :) Fire is burning, I have crystal ball and flask with water and... nothing to do :)

EDIT: Ok, I got it and now see portrait of owner :) But - this coin is almost invisible. Fix this please.

the coin size and color usage are already fixed. Please redownload the game, save games should still work imo.

Now I am lookin' for 2nd urn :)

Which of the two did you find?

One at room where is closed cupboard (mechanism in frieplace to open).
BTW - my gameplay:

ah, so YOU are IndieGamer. I already posted your gamepkayvid on this page and on ibdiexpo, thank you!

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4:19 how do you get the code window open? I've been on stuck for two months xP I think it is four months :P