A downloadable Cedric Shooter for Windows and Linux

In this arcade mini-game adaption of Sierra's KQ5 owl named Cedric, you have to kill Cedric as many times as possible!

The owl is the wisest of all birds because the more it sees, the less it talks. So let's show Cedric some bullets!

This game contains:

  • Original KQ5 midi music 
  • Cedric's voice (when hit)
  • Pistol and Shotgun to shoot Cedric
  • Pistol, Shotgun, gun-cocking and Ricochet soundfx
  • Animated  classic Sierra logo splash screen


  • Cedric will randomly and infinitely jump out and back in one of the 8 vases. 
  • When you kill Cedric, he'll explode and resurrect.
  • Left-click is shoot, right-click is switch between pistol and shotgun.
  • You get 20 seconds to kill Cedric as many times as you can.
  • Hit <F12> to dump a screenshot in the save-game folder.


Install instructions

  1. Download, 
  2. Unzip,
  3. Run winsetup.exe to setup the game (optional),
  4. Run CedricShooter.exe to start the game,
  5. Enjoy!


CedricShooter(Windows).zip 4 MB
CedricShooter(Linux).tar.gz 6 MB

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