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'Desolate' takes place in the distant future. A time when long distance space travel is possible and frequent...

You must escape the derelict space craft.

 On the way you will have to overcome various challenges and obstacles throughout over 70 rooms.

Your struggle for survival is escalated by your need to figure out two things:
What happened to the ship, and who 'you' are...


Desolate is a top-down perspective adventure game with arcade and puzzle elements  served in a hybrid TI83-Game Boy monochrome green palette.

Or in short, a spaceship crawler.

This is an official port of the original game made in 2004 by Patrick 'tr1p1ea' Prendergast for the TI-83 & TI-83+(SE) calculators.


Specific action-keys per key set:

Key-set 1Key set 2
Walkup, down,
left, right
arrow keys
Fire gunzq
Open inventorytabf

General shortcut-keys:

Redefine action keysF2
Switch between Fullscreen
& Windowed mode
Save gameF5
Restore (load) gameF7
Restart gameF9
Make screenshotF12
Close popup screensESC
Show room numberCTRL-R
Show game versionCTRL-V


License: Freeware
Supported OS: Windows & Linux
Resolution: 320x240
Colors: 4 colors (hybrid Game Boy monochrome green palette)
Input devices: keyboard only

Extra features compared to the original game and the ZX Spectrum remake:

re-definable keys (2 sets)
music and sound effects 
improved behaviour of enemies
animated doors
new sprites and animations for enemies

v1.2 fixes:

  • music was still audible when set to 0.
  • pressing ESC during splash logo crashed the game
  • character movement is again set faster 

v1.1 fixes:

  • removed testing message "doorcode vis so do nothing when pressed Return" which was shown when trying to open a door without using a code.
  • character movement is now slightly faster
  • when binding the letter 'y' in the redefine-keys-screen, the letter 'y' could not be used anymore for confirmations on questions like "are you sure you want to quit"
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date May 23, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withAudacity, Paint.net, Adventure Game Studio
TagsArcade, Dungeon Crawler, Game Boy, linux, Remake, ti-83, Top-Down, windows
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


Desolate_v1.2_(Windows).zip 24 MB
Desolate_v1.2_(Linux).tar.gz 27 MB

Development log


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Congratulations to the release Arjon! I really awaited this remake very eagerly, just some hours ago I visited the AGS-thread to look for news (I literally visited this thread almost every day since the announcement). I'll right dive in! :D

edit: I really like the graphics and the sound effects. Only the music isn't exactly my cup of tea (I hoped for something a bit more in the vein of the wonderful menu music). Some issues I found:

- a strange message if I try to open door without code: "doorcode vis so do nothing when pressed Return"

- the music setting only works for the menu-music, not ingame

- Movement is a tid too slow, even on 40, on my Ti-84 it runs faster.

- As I have a german language keyboard, I exchanged the button for shooting (z) with y. When I try to quit the game there is no way to press y to leave the game (neither z nor y does anything)

And oops, gonna fix these right away!

v1.1 is up now, fixes 3 of your mentioned points.
I wasn't able to reproduce the music issue, can you explain a bit more detailed what went wrong? 

(6 edits)

Great, I'll give it a try. :)

The music thing: If I lower the music volume in the settings, it only lowers the volume of the music played in the main menu. The music in the game itself isn't affected by the settings.

edit: rather strange: I set music to 0, go back to the game but the music still runs. Then I interact with a door and the music stops (the game sets it correctly to the value 0 I guess). But as soon as I hit ESC to get into the menu and return to the game, the music is on again.

Another small thing: If the game starts and I hit ESC during the Brocanty-logo the game crashes.

The movement is a bit faster now and it feels much better. It's still slower than on the TI-84 though. For comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UHqPMxeZnY&t=198s

Thanx for the info, v1.2 is now up containing the following changes:

  • music was still audible when set to 0.
  • pressing ESC during splash logo crashed the game
  • character movement is again set faster 

Very well, piece for piece the bumps are ironed out. :)

In 1.2 the music can be deactivated by chosing the value 0 but the other values don't affect the music in the game - in other words: there is no difference in volume between the values 1 and 9 for the music in the game (not the menu music). The correct volume gets enabled only if I interact with a closed password protected door: After I do that the music plays with the volume that has been chosen in the settings - but as soon as I get into the menu and return to the game it's reset and plays loud again.

Mmhh, I'll look into that later as it's not game breaking ;)

Thanx for the info again!

No problem! Thanks for making such an awesome remake! :)

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Ha, what a funny coincidence! I'm playing this game at my Ti-84 Plus at the moment (I'm just discovering how many interesting games there are available for Ti-Calculators). The game has a great atmosphere and it's a brillant technical achievement on Ti-calculators. I'm very much looking forward to this remake, thank you for doing it!

Wow, that's indeed a funny coincidence!
Hope this remake will be as enjoyable as the original TI83 version :)

(1 edit)

Your games never disappointed me so I'm sure I'll enjoy this one too! I especially like that you add sound effects and music. The other changes sound interesting too. I can't wait! :)