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Grandad, who is rather old, has a habit of placing things in strange places and then forget where he has put them. 

One morning he wakes up and discovers that there is a bit of a nip in the air. He decides that he'll need to put on his string vest but he can't remember where it is. 

You have to help grandad find it. Guide grandad around his house, gather items, talk to people, solve puzzles and unlock doors. 

Some notes about this remake:

  • Grandad and The Quest for The Holey Vest remake is an adventure game written in Adventure Game Studio. 
  • Originally released in 1992 for the Atari ST, this freeware remake is made for Windows and Linux.
  • Point 'n Click mouse system instead of the original game's keyboard-only system
  • Graphical inventory items instead of the original game's text-only list
  • There are still 3 game-over situations (same as the original Atari ST game)
  • No more dead-ends (the original Atari ST game had a few)
  • No time limit anymore because grandads wheelchair's battery now can't run empty anymore (in the original Atari ST game the player had to find and use a spare battery before the wheelchair's battery ran empty, otherwise it was game-over)

Note: savegames from previous versions should be compatible with v1.0.2.

v1.0.2changed:redraw hotspot area for magazines, making them easier to find
(in the original game this 'hotspot' was quite small, so I improved it as I noticed several people were having a hard time finding it)
v1.0.1fixed:final score not correctly displayed in ending screen
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withPaint.net, Adventure Game Studio
Tagsatari, grandad, Pixel Art, Remake, Retro, Singleplayer, Third Person
Average sessionA few hours


Grandad v1.0.2 for Windows 3 MB
Grandad v1.0.2 for Linux 6 MB

Install instructions

Windows & Linux versions:

  • unzip
  • use the setup executable to adjust basic setting like fullscreen/windowed. 
  • run the executable Grandad to start the game.

Development log


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Love the remake so far. Excited for all your upcoming releases!

Thank you!


Congratulations to the release, Arjon! Can't wait to try it this night after work.


Thank you, sir. Hope you'll enjoy this one  :)

It's a must, this game with the artwork is really good and it's very funny to play. It's your opportunity to play old games again with a touch of freshness. 100% Recommended!

Thanx Nahuel!


Man, yet another intriguing game I've never heard of! Brillant, can't wait to try it. By the way: How is development of the remakes for Morteville Manor and Murder on the Mississippi going?


Thanx, Athanasius.

Grandad is currently in testing phase and will soon be released.

Mortville manor is frozen because of some VA issues annd MotM will be finished up soon.

And The Curse (a remake of Klatwa, originally a Polish-language only adventure game) is also   finished up soon. I had to rewrite this game completely again because i made a mistake in the design.


That's wonderful. I look forward to all of your games. Every single one brings something special and unique on the table. :)


thanx, that's exactly my goal, finding old and often obscure-ish gems, remake and improve them so everyone can enjoy these little gems from the 'ol days :)