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This is an English remake of the Polish graphic adventure game 'Klątwa', originally released for Atari & Commodore 64 in Polish language only by L. K. Avalon. 

This remake has the player character from the Atari version, the C64 version did not had a player character and was therefor in 1st person perspective.

The game can be played in the following palettes (you can switch at any time while in-game):

  • Atari
  • Commodore 64
  • CGA Mode 1 High (black, cyan, magenta, white)
  • CGA Mode 2 High (black, cyan, red, white)
  • GameBoy Mono (green)

Current project status: 

Beta (95% finished)


In this adventure game you'll be wandering around in a castle. This castle has many hiding spots where items can be found. It also houses several magical items, often blocking your way. All the magic items can be removed or de-magicked by using the correct magic spell from your spell book.

You start with an empty spell book, so you'll need to find all the magic spells which written on scrolls and hidden away in secret hiding spots. Try to find all these scrolls. When a scroll has been found, the magic spell written on it will be added to your magic spell book. 

You can also find various other items, hidden away in recesses or other hiding places. Some of these items belong to a specific magic spell, while others are regular items that can be used (like a key). In order to use a magic spell from your magic spell book, you will have to carry with you the specific corresponding item.

But: besides your trusted magic spell book you can only carry 5 items with you. So you often will have to switch the item you are carrying with you. To do that you can place an item in one of the hiding spots you've discovered. Only one item can be placed in each hiding place at a time. It is therefore quite important that you keep track of which item you have hidden where!

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